Consumer Representation

Aus-ROC recognises the value of consumer participation in all stages of its research agenda. Consumer representatives participate in Steering Committee Meetings to inform Aus-ROC’s research priorities, policies and practices.

Current consumer representatives are:

Mr Jeff Waters

Jeff Waters is a Melbourne-based journalist and media consultant. He has held various senior positions within the media – most recently as Senior Correspondent in Victoria for ABC News. Jeff suffered an out-of hospital cardiac arrest collapsing in front of his wife, who is a GP, and was lucky enough to enjoy perfect CPR until the ambulance arrived. Eventually two ambulance teams and two response groups from the local fire station – in Victoria, firefighters are also first responders to out-of-hospital cardiac arrests – battled for 56 minutes before they got a heartbeat. When they got Jeff to hospital his heart stopped several times more. He eventually pulled through and was released from hospital in a little more than a week. Then, a week after he was released he had another, smaller heart attack and went back to hospital with good reason. Jeff does voluntary work for the Heart Foundation and the Men’s Shed Movement, underlining the need for recognition of the outcomes, including depression and anxiety, following cardiac arrest. He is the author of Every Beat of My Heart: An ABC Journalist’s Journey From Death.

Mr Brian Stafford

Brian Stafford is a health consumer representative with a lived experience of iatrogenic harm.  In 2013 he spoke at the Swiss conference ‘Communicating Medical Error’. He has been a member of MSAC’s and is a WHO Patient for Patient Safety Champion. He is a member of the Australian Association of Bioethics & Health Law.  He sits with SCGH Human Research Ethics Committee; and St John Ambulance.