A key aim of the Aus-ROC CRE was to establish an Australian and New Zealand OHCA ‘Epistry’ (epidemiologic registry) to monitor and report on the population-based effects of changes in pre-hospital resuscitation policy and practice.

Specifically, the Aus-ROC Epistry was established with the aim of understanding regional, ambulance service and treatment factors associated with improved OHCA survival and outcomes. The scope of the Epistry will enable a range of important research questions to be answered, including:

  • Understanding regional variations in outcome;
  • The impact of variations in the provision of treatment for OHCA between ambulance services;
  • Temporal changes in incidence and outcome; and
  • The impact of changes in clinical guidelines and clinical trials, as well as increased clinical trial efficiency.

The Epistry will allow risk-adjusted outcomes to be determined, to enable benchmarking across providers and identification of system-wide strategies associated with survival for OHCA patients in Australia and New Zealand.

The Epistry is housed and has ethics approval at Monash University (Project Number:  CF12/3938 -2012001888 , Project Title:  Australian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (Aus-ROC) out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) Epistry (Aus-ROC OHCA Epistry). Ethical approval has been granted for collection of this data and each of the contributing sites.