The Epistry is coordinated and located at the Aus-ROC administrative base in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University, Australia. An Epistry Management Committee (EMC) was established to develop processes and protocols, and oversee all ongoing aspects of the Epistry governance.

The committee comprises representatives from each of the contributing ambulance services and Aus-ROC investigators. The Epistry consensus governance document guides the committee on the agreed use of the Epistry data; whilst maintaining data security and ethical principles.

Access to Epistry data is subject to set guidelines and procedures. Initial discussion with A/Prof Janet Bray ( is required before formally requesting Epistry data from our EMC. A form will be provided for formal requests.

The Epistry Management Committee (February 2023)

A/Prof Janet Bray (Monash University) -Chair

Dr Stuart Howell (Monash University)  -Manager

Prof Peter Cameron (Monash University)

Prof Judith Finn (Curtin University/St John Ambulance WA)

Dr Stuart Ball (Curtin University/St John Ambulance WA)

Mr Rudi Brits (St John Ambulance WA)

Dr Ziad Nehme (Ambulance Victoria)

Ms Natalie Heriot (Ambulance Victoria)

Prof Emma Bosley (Queensland Ambulance Service)

Dr Tan Doan (Queensland Ambulance Service)

Prof Bridget Dicker (St John Ambulance NZ)

Prof Tony Smith (St John Ambulance NZ)

Prof Andy Swain (Wellington Free Ambulance)

Mr Will Roberts (Wellington Free Ambulance)

Ms Melanie Thorrowgood (SA Ambulance Service)

Mr Steve Faddy (NSW Ambulance)

Ms Nicole Packham (NSW Ambulance)

Mr Mike McDermott (Ambulance Tasmania)

Mr Matt Green (Ambulance Tasmania)

Mr Andrew Thomas (St John Ambulance NT)

Ms Melissa Dyson (St John Ambulance NT)

Mr Patrick Meere (ACT Ambulance)

Mr Sam Perillo (ACT Ambulance)

Prof Gavin Perkins (Warwick University, UK)

Mr Jeff Waters (Consumer Representative)