Professor Robert Neumar 26th April 2017 at the Alfred Hospital

Prof Robert Neumar Goal-Directed Resuscitation Speaker: Professor Bob Neumar

ILCOR and Aus-ROC update 28th April 2016 at the Alfred Hospital

Judith Finn Introduction and Aus-ROC Overview 2016 Speaker: Professor Judith Finn

ILCOR – past, present and future Speaker: Professor Gavin Perkins

Aus-ROC Trials RINSE and EXACT Speaker: Associate Professor Stephen Bernard

Aus-ROC PhD presentations -three-minute thesis

Amy Seymour-Walsh – Are we teaching resuscitation skills most effectively?
Nicole McKenzie – Post resuscitation care – the final link in the chain of survival
Kylie Dyson – Resuscitation: does practice make perfect?
Susie Cartledge – Home is where the heart (arrest) is
Milena Talikowska – CPR feedback devices: reported experience of Perth paramedics


Post-resuscitation Care Seminar 10th September 2015 at the Alfred Hospital

OHCA epidemiology Speaker: Professor Peter Cameron

Post-resuscitation syndrome  Speaker: Associate Professor Peter Morley

Role of the cath lab  Speaker: Dr Dion Stub

Post-resuscitation oxygenation   Speaker: Professor Stephen Bernard

CHEER and CHEER 2  Speaker: Professor Stephen Bernard

Cardiac arrest centres  Speaker: Dr Dion Stub


Traumatic Cardiac Arrest 4th August 2014 at the Alfred Hospital

Introduction Speaker: Professor Stephen Bernard

Traumatic cardiac arrest  Speaker: Professor Mark Fitzgerald

Aortic Haemostasis and Resuscitation: Selective Aortic Arch Perfusion (SAAP) in Traumatic Cardiac Arrest Speaker: A/Prof James Manning

Balloon Occlusion for the Aortic Control of Exsanguinating Haemorrhage Secondary to Trauma (The ACE Study)   Speaker: Dr Robbie A Lendrum

Post Resuscitation Care, Prognostication and Patient Outcomes Seminar 7th February 2014 at the Alfred Hospital

Post-arrest syndrome  Speaker: Professor Jerry Nolan

Therapeutic hypothermia  Speaker: Associate Professor Peter Morley

The Post-arrest Team Speaker: Professor Stephen Bernard

Post-resuscitation care in ICU -A NSW experience Speaker: Professor Michael Parr

OHCA Perspectives from the Middle East and ED  Speaker: Professor Peter Cameron

A survivors perspective  Speaker: Mr Jeff Waters


Mechanical Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Seminar 3rd December 2013  at the Alfred Hospital

Introduction  Speaker: Professor Judith Finn

Mechanical Chest Compressions during CPR   Speaker: Professor Sten Rubertsson

Mechanical CPR to ECMO  Speaker: Professor Stephen Bernard

Mechanical CPR to hospital: The Perth experience   Speaker:  Professor Ian Jacobs

Mechanical CPR to the catheter lab: The Sydney proposal  Speaker: Dr Karel Habig